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We're a tight-knit team of founders and friends,ready to take your business to new heights.

Our People


From his early years as a teen, Nathan displayed a natural affinity for entrepreneurship. His marketing talents quickly made him a undeniable asset among some of Canada's top startups. Today, he continues to thrive in the fast-paced and demanding world of sales and marketing, providing his clients with invaluable product expertise and unparalleled service delivery.

Gilles CHEN

Gilles is not content with being an expert in just one field, but instead strives to be proficient in many different areas due to his passion for learning and expanding his knowledge base. He thrives on challenges and is always looking for ways to problem solve and find solutions to complex issues. He values transparency and honesty towards his clients, recognizing the importance of building trust and maintaining open communication


Passionate about computer science since he was young, Thomas started programming at the age of 12 and never stopped ever since. After working in a Marketing Agency in Luxembourg, his passion for data inspired him to co-found DigitalReach, to help his clients leverage their performance based on their statistics.