IT Family

Inspired by IT Family's vision, we embarked on a comprehensive project to enhance their online presence and customer engagement.

From the website creation, to the customer bookings, the creation of their Google Ads campaign and its optimization, our team provided a wide range of services to enhance IT Family online presence and boost their brand.

Our work

  • Developement of a full fledged website featuring direct customer booking, a blog platform, a multilingual support and monthly backups.
  • Design of a special "Lego Star Wars" theme to align with IT Family vision giving it a unique touch.
  • Implementation of the best organic SEO practices to boost the search performance of the website, its pages and blog posts.
  • Conducting research on the target audience and created a customized Google Ads advertising campaign.
  • Creation of a specialized landing page to maximize our customer conversions after clicking on our ads in the search results.
  • Monitoring the campaigns performance and optimize them based on the gathered data.

IT Family website

Our team crafted IT Family's website, tailoring it to meet their specific requirements and capture the essence of their unique vision, which centered around an eye-catching Stormtrooper theme.

The outcome of our efforts was a fully functional and visually captivating website that truly represents IT Family's online presence.

Please find below, a glimpse of the website's design and aesthetics.

Google Ads Campaign

In order to maximize our Google Ads campaign impact, we began with a comprehensive market analysis, segmenting our audience into three groups 'Freelancers,' 'Self-employed individuals,' and 'Umbrella company' workers across 'Luxembourg' and neighboring countries.

This segmentation enabled precise campaign customization and bidding strategies. During the first month of the campaign, our primary objective was data collection, given its newness. Here is a sample of the performance achieved after this first month:

In the second month of our campaign, we leveraged the valuable insights gathered during the initial phase. This allowed us to executed a comprehensive optimization strategy that encompassed refining our keyword selection and tailoring our bidding strategies to align perfectly with our audience, its geographic location, and even the most effective times of the day.

These meticulous optimizations proved to be transformative, resulting in significantly improved campaign performance.