Belgian Esthetician *

We collaborated with a belgian esthetician to help him attract more customers and increase sales through a Facebook advertising campaign.

Our team provided a comprehensive solution that involved creating creatives, running the campaign, and setting up funnels to capture and nurture leads. As a result, our client saw an increase in customers and bookings.

Our work

  • Conducted research on the target audience and created a customized Facebook advertising campaign.
  • Collaborated with the esthetician to create visually appealing creatives for the ads.
  • Set up lead capture funnels to ensure that interested leads were not lost.
  • Nurtured leads through email and messenger campaigns, providing them with valuable information about the services offered by the esthetician.
  • Directly save our leads’ appointments in the esthetician’s calendar for a hassle-free booking experience.
  • Monitored the performance of the campaign and made adjustments to optimize results.

Our results

To maximize the impact of our client’s Facebook ad campaign, we split it into two separate campaigns due to the lack of demographic data. The data collected from the first campaign was then used to create a more targeted second campaign that generated significantly better results.

This is a snippet of our advertising campaign that generated 39 valuable leads in the 15 days, which we carefully nurtured in our CMS using our unique lead nurturing approach. Our nurturing efforts successfully guided these leads through the sales funnel, resulting in direct bookings made in our client’s calendar.

Those 39 leads have been generated in the first 15 days with a consistent flow of 2 to 5 leads every day.

* Our client preferred to remain anonymous due to confidentiality reasons.